Motivation to lose weight

Health and fitness – May 2017

Here we go, the reset that I mentioned in my last health and fitness post. Obviously the starting stats aren’t going to be great, that’s the point of needing this reset but it will make it look better when I succeed this time, right?

As I said in the previous post, I’m going to include far less Fitbit pictures and stats; I just don’t feel they’re necessarily beneficial on this blog and just give you more stuff to scroll past and ignore. It also just annoys me taking the screenshots and editing them then uploading them when I’m not going back to look at them myself. I can do all that in my app and get far more relevant information particularly over a longer time frame.

I’m entirely off all medication for the first time in years; I stopped the contraceptive pill on doctors orders after the blood clot and have been off the warfarin for 6 weeks, though it does take around 3 months to be fully out of your system apparently. So for the first time in ages I have no artificial excuses as to why I might be gaining weight as there are no side effects from pills to blame. Everything is down to me not exercising or eating too much.

Overall goals

By the end of 2017:

Weight – 125lbs
Waist – <32 inches
Body fat – <25%

I won’t really be concentrating on the body fat % for a while; it’s hard to drop this whilst losing weight too and is really more of an end game thing. It’s also particularly difficult to affect whilst not being able to exercise so much so as my fitness comes back with my clot recovery then it will become easier to influence.

Motivation to lose weight

Starting stats

My starting stats with this in mind are:

Weight – 161lbs
Waist – 39 inches
Body fat – 36.5%

Wow I really have let myself go these past couple of months!

Short term goals

I’m going to my parents for a week at the end of this month, flying out on 31st May so I want to be back to 150lbs by then. This is far from ideal and Mum will still make comments on my stomach but it’s certainly better than where I am now. I haven’t been below 150lbs since my clot diagnosis so just to hit this again will feel like a real achievement for me.

Plans for May

I’m not making any radical changes. If I take it slowly, a month at a time, I can gradually increase the changes after I’ve gotten used to one. With this in mind my changes for May are:

  • Snack budget – I snack a lot in the evenings. My main meals are healthy then I blow it on the night. So instead of not snacking at all I’m going to attempt to cut down by putting a snack budget in place. Through May I will have £10 each week that I can spend on snack foods; this includes any takeouts I may have which is a rarity. If I have £10 of chocolate in the fridge on Monday and eat it all by Tuesday I’ll just have to go without for the rest of the week. Hopefully however this means I’ll be more inclined to portion it out by knowing that if I eat that entire bar today I will have nothing for next Saturday. This is also going to tie in with a post I’ve been planning for a while around the cost of eating healthily. The budget will eventually drop depending how lenient I find it; I’ve only started it as high as I have so that I can include some ice cream!
  • Portion control – again my meals are very healthy, I cook them all from scratch and don’t use processed sauces. The worst thing in some of my meals is when I use cheese but that’s only if I have a pasta bake or spaghetti bolognese. However if I am hungry and eat a huge portion then snack as well that isn’t going to help matters I’ll do a large portion for my meal and then snack anyway. I often end up dishing up our stirfries onto a plate instead of into our pasta dishes because I know it won’t fit in the dish. My plan through the month is to use the dishes regardless of how much food is in the pan or how hungry I am and freeze whatever is left over. This will be doubly useful as it will then mean I should have lots of single portions left for Saturdays when Niall is round his friend’s house and I have to cook for myself.
  • Exercise – I’ve been doing a little bit of hula hoop through April, just 4 sessions of 5 minutes each. I’m still rubbish at it so I plan to increase this. I want to at least manage it twice a week so probably on the weekends will be easiest to fit it in. I’ll be sticking to 5 minute sessions as it gets very boring constantly picking the hoop back up plus doing it in my flat can be annoying for downstairs as it’s a weighted one and I don’t want to anger them with the constant thumping of my fails! I probably won’t start with my yoga/pilates plans until next month now but I will keep up my walking to/from work, lunch time walks and also try to at least do a small walk each Saturday morning before I do my grocery shopping. Sundays will most likely be a day off from walking or if I do go out it will only be a quick one round the block.

So there we have it. Now it’s a bank holiday here today but I’m not going out walking as in true English style it is raining. I’ve been doing lots of walking around the house already though and will keep that up and right now I will go to do my 5 minutes of hula hooping. Then I’ll dig out my receipt from yesterday’s shop and see what money I have left on my snack budget.

Wish me luck!

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