Health and Fitness post #10 01/04/2017 – A fresh start to the health posts

I’m making a change. Well actually a lot of changes but little ones. Nothing has been working so far and I know entirely why; I keep making excuses, then get annoyed when I inevitably take a step backwards and make more excuses as to why it’s failing or then go on a super huge change in lifestyle to kickstart it again and when that inevitably also fails I go back to the excuses. So here is my new plan.

I will continue with my posts on the first of each month with the previous stats and the latest stats. The format will probably change with less fitbit pictures and possibly less (or at least different) stats included. I feel these are still important for me to chart my progress. I am however not going to post them again now until my post at the start of May. I’ve been very depressed and annoyed with myself through March and simply don’t want to see or think about those figures so they’re remaining hidden away from everyone, myself included.

I will probably post a little more in between however. Nothing stat-related, just bits and bobs if I feel I’ve had a good week to let you know what I’ve done that week, or if I’m feeling like I’ve had a really piggy day to get some accountability and just generally kick myself.

I intend to try and get some more exercise going as well but I’m not going to push myself on this. I’m still recovering from the clot along with a messed up ankle now (Achilles Tendinosis) so I’m going to make sure I listen to my body. I know I can’t go back to Clubbercise yet which is gutting; I found this out the other week just an hour after saying I might try going back to it when I had to run up a flight of stairs. I can walk up many flights with no problem but the instant I had to run my leg was instantly saying NO. However if I take it slowly and am careful with the poses and movements that I do I think I can get back to doing yoga and pilates.

I’m still doing all my walking to/from work and on my lunchtime so if I start doing early morning walks on the weekend again as well that will be good. I also bought a hula hoop a little while ago, something I’ve never been able to actually do but I found a video that explained how to do it and I have managed to keep it up for around 10 seconds at a time! So I will practise that a little as well.

Mini goals will also be set. My overall goal is to hit 125lbs weight but I will have little goalposts of 150lbs by the time I visit my parents (31/05), 140lbs by the end of August and 125lb by the end of the year.

I’m not going to make massive changes all at once. For example I think through April I will simply keep doing what I am already doing but add in 5 minutes of hula hoop practise a day. In May I will start to add in short yoga and pilates sessions each week, 1 each per week of around 10 – 15 minutes. Diet-wise again I’m not going for massive changes as I’ve never been one for ‘diets’ as I’ve said in all my previous posts. For me this is more about cutting down on how much rubbish I eat. My meals are very healthy but my snacks are not. So whilst I’m not going to cut out snacking I may try something like cutting down the portion sizes through April, then in May I will try having 1 day a week with no snacking, June have 2 days no snacking and so on.

Wish me luck!

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