Today marks exactly 6 months and 2 days from diagnosis of my blood clot and it was my final INR check at the anti-coagulation clinic. I came off the warfarin a week ago and had to check in today to make sure that my blood had gone back down to an INR of 1.0, the normal “no warfarin in there” blood that everyone has. Thankfully it had so I’m all clear to just head off into the sunset as far as they’re concerned.

This isn’t the end of my DVT journey however as there are tests still to be done to determine why I got a clot. I don’t meet any of the typical causes so I’m getting referred to a haematologist for genetic testing to see if there was a reason for it or just a freak bad luck incident. I’ve also been given the warning that if I feel any of the symptoms such as pain, swelling or shortness of breath to seek medical advice immediately. I also still have to wear the compression stockings for another 18 months and still get twinges and pain in my leg anyway so the journey is certainly not over.

I’ve got a lot of questions for both my GP and my haematologist, things such as do I need to watch my diet still as vitamin K is what ‘normal’ people use to help their blood clot but if I have a genetic condition will I still have to make sure I don’t eat too much to ensure that I don’t encourage further clotting? Is there anything I can do to encourage my veins to repair themselves (exercise or dietary)? Are there recommended exercises to reduce the pain that I still get? I have others written down and will probably think of more before I get referred; let’s face it, the NHS aren’t exactly known for having short waiting lists for referrals!

I will of course continue updating on here but in the meantime I’d love to hear from others who have gone through this in the comments, particularly if you have recommended questions for me to ask or just advice you have yourself found useful. Also please, please share the links regarding common causes and symptoms of blood clots; so few people know about them and they are deadly. March is blood clot awareness month in America but they are more common than anyone realises through the whole world. You could help save a loved one by sharing the message.

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