Fitness weight month 9

Health and fitness post #9 01/03/2017

I’m late, I know! But I did take all the measurements on the day I needed to, I’ve just had a horrible week or two and couldn’t face doing this post as well as I know I’ve basically undone all the good work I did in February.

Weight loss goals

Not happy with myself at all. I wanted to go into my 33rd year (it was my birthday last week) at less than 11 stone. Ok so I was bang on which isn’t terrible but still, not the best. However I have now decided to give up chocolate for Lent. Kind of. I started late (I wasn’t going to have a restricted birthday!) so didn’t start until today and am having caveats to it as well. Basically I’m giving up anything that is mainly chocolate, so no chocolate bars, no chocolate biscuits, no chocolate cake. However if there is only a tiny bit of chocolate in something such as Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream then I’m allowed that. Choc chip cookies count as chocolate so they’re banned as there is a lot of chocolate in those and the clue is really in the name there. It also means on Wednesday this week I can have my favourite caramel bite things in our monthly cake day at work as they just have the tiniest drizzle of chocolate over the top of them.

Fitness weight month 9

  • Goal Weight: 9 stone
  • Last Month’s Weight: 10 stone 12 pounds
  • Current Weight:  11 stone  0 pounds (+2 pounds)
  • Goal Body Fat Percentage: 25%
  • Last Month’s Body Fat Percentage: 34.4%
  • Current Body Fat Percentage: 35.9% (+1.5%)
  • Goal Waist: <32 inches
  • Last Month’s Waist: 34 inches
  • Current Waist: 36 inches (+2 inches)

Fitness calories burnt month 9

Exercise goals

I’ve now potentially been diagnosed with Achilles Tendonopathy so that was fun. I’m getting a scan on the twentieth of this month to confirm it but as it’s in the same leg as my clot it’s been a bit of a nuisance. Also one of the recommended treatments for it is rest. Since I wasn’t very impressed with the doctor who diagnosed me I’m not actually taking his advice until I’ve had my scan as pretty much all the treatments for this are the opposite of what is recommended for a blood clot so I don’t want to risk messing myself up until I know for definite that he’s right. I’ve still been pretty active but my clot is being a nuisance so it has made me less inclined to walk; as a compromise on all the above I’m walking to work still where I can but having very lazy weekends.

Fitness steps month 9

  • Daily Steps: 15000
  • Number of days steps were hit: 13/28
  • Calories Burned: 2100
  • Number of days calories burned was hit: 18/28
  • Distance Travelled: 5 miles
  • Number of days distance travelled was hit: 15/28
  • Active Minutes: 60
  • Number of days active minutes was hit: 16/28

Fitness distance month 9

Yikes, didn’t realise how badly I’d done on my goals. No wonder I put some weight back on! Still I have to look after my leg so I don’t feel too bad on that. If I can just do this whole no chocolate thing then that should seriously help with the weight side and then my lazy weekends shouldn’t impact on me too much. We also had the joy of Storm Doris along with other rainy days which meant I didn’t walk to work quite as often as I normally would so that didn’t help.

Fitness active minutes month 9

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