Fitness Weight month 8

Health and fitness post #8 01/02/2017

It’s that time again! It seems to have come round really quickly this time, where has January gone?

Weight loss goals

Yay! What a loss, happy to be down 7 pounds. I haven’t done anything too drastic either; I’m still snacking most evenings and have had some horrendously bad days as well but they have been much fewer so I’m clearly doing something right.

Fitness Weight month 8

  • Goal Weight: 9 stone
  • Last Month’s Weight: 11 stone 5 pounds
  • Current Weight: 10 stone 12 pounds (-7 pounds)
  • Goal Body Fat Percentage: 25%
  • Last Month’s Body Fat Percentage: 35.1%
  • Current Body Fat Percentage: 34.4% (-0.7%)
  • Goal Waist: <32 inches
  • Last Month’s Waist: 36 inches
  • Current Waist: 34 inches (-2 inches)

Fitness calories burned month 8

Exercise goals

Once again not great for extra exercise but I’ve been walking a lot so that has helped. I really need to start trying to do yoga and pilates again this month if my leg will allow me. I also now have a weighted hoop; I’ve never been good at hula hooping but if I try for just 5 minutes a day surely eventually I’ll be able to do it, right?

Fitness steps month 8

  • Daily Steps: 15000
  • Number of days steps were hit: 23/31
  • Calories Burned: 2100
  • Number of days calories burned was hit: 25/31
  • Distance Travelled: 5 miles
  • Number of days distance travelled was hit: 24/31
  • Active Minutes: 60
  • Number of days active minutes was hit: 25/31

Fitness distance month 8

Pretty good really. I just need to keep it up. I’m also allowing myself rest days. Weekends tend to be my lazy days. I still try to get up and move about at least once an hour but I’m not obsessed with hitting my numbers on those days. I need days to just look after myself and those are the ideal time for it.

Fitness active minutes month 8

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