Into the home straight

I haven’t updated on my DVT for a while so I thought it was due one. The last time I did a post on it was 3 months into diagnosis and treatment, the halfway mark as I’m due to finish my warfarin at the end of March. So now I’m over the hump and into the home stretch, 4 months down and only 2 to go.

It’s still an odd one to get used to. I’ve found it hard to just get on as normal the past couple of months in particular as it definitely seems the cold affects my leg now. It’s more likely to twinge and generally not feel right when it’s cold or damp. Not a good combination living in the UK! I found this out when having a meeting at work one day and there were aircon wars. Every time the aircon in the room was switched on and I could feel a cool draft my leg would feel funny. As soon as everyone got too cold and it was switched off my leg felt ok again. It feels very much like I’ve taken a step backwards but my last INR check was all good so it’s down to 4 weeks for each check now and will hopefully remain that way.

I’m starting to think forward as well and wonder what that will bring. I had a general check up with my GP a couple of weeks ago and she was obviously checking mainly on the DVT so she mentioned she’d heard back from the haematologist (finally!) and they have said for her to contact them nearer the end of my treatment as the tests can’t be done whilst I’m still on warfarin. Although that is of course 2 months away and therefore quite a long time it is also a very short time and it’s the first time it has felt like the tests will actually happen. That’s also making me wonder what the outcome will be; if there was a genetic reason for this clot does that mean I’ll be on anticoagulants for life automatically? It seems very strange to be thinking of these things when I’m still in my initial treatment phase.

I haven’t done much extra in the way of exercise yet either. I’ve done a couple of yoga sessions but still not doing much in the way of leg movements when I do. I really should just get on with it and give it a go properly but I really don’t want to aggravate the muscles. My walking is generally still going ok though so that’s a good sign but I still do have issues when sitting down and I can’t crouch for more than a few seconds. I’ve also started dry-brushing my skin again, something I started probably over a year ago now and then stopped for no reason other than laziness. It’s supposed to help improve your blood flow and only takes a couple of minutes so it’s got to help now I’m past the immediate danger stage where the clot is likely to break up and travel where it shouldn’t.

My next blood check is 2nd February so let’s hope my INR is still behaving. It’s quite strange having so long between checks and not knowing if everything is ok or not.

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