Nude blobbicure

Nude blobbicure

Let’s try this again. WordPress was not behaving nicely last night and refused to let me post anything. I’m currently wearing this lovely little manicure that is halfway between a dotticure and a blobbicure. Not intentionally but because I am so used to applying thin coats of polish that I didn’t do a thick enough one to let the blobbicure spread as much as it should!


It is good for my nails though as the products used are all supposed to help in some way. The base coat is Barry M “Super Mani”, the nude is one of the Barry M Coconut Infusion colours (the label on it is too worn so I don’t know which one I’m afraid) and the blobs are Nails Inc “Mayfair Market” which is made with almond oil. A feast for my nails!

Nude blobbicure

2 thoughts on “Nude blobbicure

    • polishedpevil says:

      They’re quite simple to do, basically just do a thick coat of your base colour and while still wet blob on your second colour. Should spread and look like a giraffe type print but mine didn’t quite work this time.


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