New year fresh start

New Year resolution for 2017

It’s that time of year again where we all make grand plans for ourselves and stick to them for two weeks then slowly let them slide. Let’s make this year different.

New year fresh start

I’m not really a big one for New Year resolutions as the few times I’ve made them I haven’t stuck by them. I’m more of a ‘New Month’ person; whenever I decide I want to change something I will often wait until the first of a month simply so it’s easier for me to say “Hey, I’ve stuck to it for twenty days” and keep track of my progress.

This year however I’m going to make one and only one. It may seem a little simple at first but let me explain it.

“Don’t be so lazy”

So on the face of it that does look simple doesn’t it? To me when I hear someone is lazy I think they sleep in bed until noon, get up to watch TV on the sofa, order in some takeaway instead of make their own food then go back to bed. This certainly isn’t me and never has been. Even on my days off I’m up early, I try to do a lot of movement even if it’s just walking and ok, I do love to sit at the PC and game but that has died off a bit in recent years. So how does this apply to me?


Well when I think about it I give the same excuse so many people do when they fail to get something done. “I didn’t have the time to do it.” or “I was so tired from work.” Really? Well I spent over an hour browsing the Fitbit forums earlier. An hour that I could have spent doing something that needed doing. Everyone is guilty of it, add up all those quick five minutes spent on Facebook through the day and I bet most of us could gain one or two hours back easily. My diary is filled with things that have been on the to do list for months. Some would take no more than half an hour to complete but I haven’t done them because I just wanted to quickly do *insert random pointless activity here*.

So my definition of lazy in this case is actually not getting things done. This could be something important like cleaning the kitchen or updating my nail polish web store or it could be something unimportant like farming for that mount in World of Warcraft that I’ve wanted for years but can’t be bothered running the dungeon once a week to get.

In 2017 I intend to keep a weekly to do list as I have done this year but actually make sure I clean it down. I don’t need to work myself to the bone to do it but I could employ my old routine of tricking myself into it. Something that may take a long time can be broken up into small segments such as cleaning the flat. Tell myself to do one room or an hour of cleaning then have an hour playing a computer game or reading. Rinse and repeat throughout the day or over the week and voila, it’s done.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even get around to updating how this blog looks as I promised last March! What are your resolutions or tips for keeping them?

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