DVT update

It’s coming up to 3 months on 15th December since I was diagnosed with a DVT and it’s still very much a learning and long recovery process. I haven’t posted an update about it for a while, partly because I don’t want it to be something that defines me and partly because there just hasn’t been much to update on but I still feel it needs to stay here somewhere. One thing I’ve realised over these 3 months is that it’s going to affect me forever even if it’s only in a very small way.

In my last post about it I noted that my INR had suddenly stopped being stable which was a shock to me as I had to go back onto Clexane injections (and worse yet, I had to give them to myself this time. Not fun for anyone but particularly as I’m not good with injections even when a trained medical person is giving them). It was a shock mainly because I hadn’t changed my diet, hadn’t gained or lost weight, nothing that they say can affect it. I had been walking more but my nurse informed me that wouldn’t affect it; something I’m still not convinced on as I’ve seen anecdotal evidence to suggest otherwise.

Since then my INR has come back up into range. Two weeks ago it had jumped up nicely to 2.4 and my finger decided to prove it by bleeding profusely after the test, far more than it has done previously even though I’ve had a higher reading before now. They pushed me back to only getting checked every 2 weeks and this week it was at 2.2 so now I don’t have to go back for 4 weeks. No more checks in 2016, hooray! It does make me nervous that it had dropped slightly though and this is also the longest I’ll have been without a check so I’m praying it doesn’t drop any more.

I’m also finding that symptoms and side effects don’t seem constant. A few weeks ago we had a ridiculous amount of rainfall and upon stepping in a massive puddle and getting a very wet left foot I started to lose feeling in it whilst walking. Upon stopping to cross the road all feeling returned but it was very odd and it repeated itself this week one morning when it was very foggy. My foot didn’t get wet this time but I can only assume it was due to the generally wet atmosphere that it occured. I’m keeping an eye on it though as I’ve also found over the past few weeks that my calf has started getting twitches and twinges in the same spot that it originally hurt which is oddly enough nowhere near where the clot is. I’ve mentioned this to the nurses and they’ve said to keep an eye on it but unless it gets painful or swollen not to worry. Again I wonder if this is due to the weather as it definitely affects my arthritis so it’s possible it affects blood clots too.

On top of that it seems the Warfarin (or possibly just further clot symptoms) are making me sleepy again and affecting my concentration. I’m struggling to stay focused at work and all last week I’ve struggled to get out of bed, not something I ever have problems with. In my first few weeks following diagnosis however I found myself needing naps in the afternoon so it feels very much like relapsing to that.

I’m still reading around on my blood clot forums to see if others have had similar issues. It’s really helpful as it seems a lot of people have and it also makes me grateful for how mild mine is as a lot of people are affected far worse than me, even years down the line. So I will continue to just get on with life and try to ignore it as best I can. I did attempt 20 minutes of yoga on Monday, admittedly steering clear of all but 1 leg exercise but this was my first attempt since diagnosis so I’m just proud I managed it and will build up to doing it more regularly.

So here’s to the next 3 months when I should be ending my course of Warfarin (21st March I’m looking at you!) and will hopefully be getting some tests done to see if they can figure out what caused it. Bring it on 2017!

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