Wintery sunrise nails

Winter Sunrise nails


Wintery sunrise nails

I feel I’ve been doing too many gradients recently but they’re so easy to do and I love the way they look. This one was inspired by a sunrise one morning as I was walking in to work.

Winter sunrise

I loved the way the sun was just popping up over the horizon and the gold on the contrail, though that failed to come out in the photo. I was going to put a gold line on the nails to act as the contrail but thought it might ruin the overall manicure in the end.

Winter sunrise polishes

Over a base coat of Barry M’s “Super Mani” I put on a coat of Barry M’s “Pearl” from the Silk collection first just to act as a base colour. I then added stripes of Barry M’s “Sky Blue” from the Gelly collection and OPI’s “Rollin’ in Cashmere” along with more “Pearl” to get the gradient. I think the below picture was with flash on and it really picks up the lovely shimmer from “Rollin’ in Cashmere” and “Pearl”.

Winter sunrise nails with flash

I love winter anyway and find it so inspiring; we’ve had some beautiful frosty mornings here recently so I want to do something to reflect that at some point. Anyone else love the winter and its inspiration? If so please do comment below or share pictures to help me out!

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