First week with a DVT

So it’s been just over a week since my DVT was diagnosed and what a week it has been. It really knocks your confidence and is quite a shocking thing to be told you have.

Quite a lot and yet not a lot has happened since my last post. I don’t think there will be any pictures as I’m sure you don’t want to see my bruised stomach and there really isn’t much I can think of to post for a blood clot!

Last Sunday I was back at the clinic again for more injections but my leg had gotten much more painful. I had tried taking some weak cocodemol but it didn’t touch the pain and just sent me a little weird feeling so I decided to forgo that. When at the clinic they mentioned I wasn’t walking well; I’d had to take Niall with me to lean on so I asked for crutches. Never used them before so had to have a quick crash course in them and they have helped me a lot though it’s still very painful to get around. The trouble is I know I shouldn’t sit around too much but also that I shouldn’t walk too much if I can’t. Without the crutches the thought of the pain was too much and was stopping me doing anything but at least with them it’s marginally more bearable.

By Sunday evening my ankle and calf had actually swollen right up which they hadn’t done before. So I have spent most of this week with my leg elevated when sat down which has helped immensely. As of today my ankle is almost back to normal and my calf, whilst still swollen, is definitely better than it was.

Monday I made it into my GP and she was really helpful; I have had this one for a few things though she isn’t my registered doctor and she has always been great. She doesn’t think any of the usual risk factors apply to me; the only ones I thought might (weight and being on the contraceptive pill) are usually only factors if your BMI is over 30, which mine has never been close to even at my heaviest. She suggested a test that can be taken for some kind of syndrome but you have to wait until you’re off the Warfarin before taking it so that will be at least 6 months down the line. I also picked up my Warfarin and headed over to the clinic. I had to have another injection but they gave me my first dose of Warfarin too.

The way it works is that everyone has an ‘INR’. This is taken as a baseline of 1 in everyone. When on blood thinners like Warfarin you need to be within a range of 2-3 so I was started out at 10mg of Warfarin and told to come back for a test the next day. Depending on how much your INR goes up they adjust the dose accordingly until they can get it right. Well over the first night mine only went up to 1.3 so had to have another injection (they keep you on these until you are in the correct range just to keep you safe) but the following day I had leapt up to 2.5! The day after that I jumped right up again to 3.7 so I am quite sensitive to the Warfarin it would seem. After that reading they dropped my dose down to 2mg and told me to have a day off from the tests so yesterday I got to just stay home and relax (well I was working from home but still, all day in bed!)

I was back in the clinic today and my INR had dropped to 2.9 so it seems they have figured my dose out now. I have another appointment at the clinic on Tuesday and then I’ll be discharged and am in my local hospital for the same thing from Thursday onwards. I got measured for my compression stocking as well so I have to get another GP appointment for the prescription of the stocking and then pick it up. Let’s hope I can get an appointment quickly. I’m sure they won’t be at all comfortable to wear but I just can’t wait to get it in case it does help with my walking. It’s so frustrating barely being able to get anywhere even within my own flat.

I also need to get to the GP because my heart rate is higher than it usually is so they wanted me to get that checked out as well. The DVT nurses think it is probably just because of the constant pain but it’s better safe than sorry.

I think in a way I’m glad of the pain right now; it’s stopping me thinking about the more serious side of my DVT though of course that still creeps in at times. It’s also so frustrating that it stops me doing so many things; you don’t realise until you get in the kitchen with two crutches and suddenly think “Hang on, how am I going to get some food back through with me?” just how complicated day to day life is! Luckily Niall has been a real star but of course he has his own job to go to so he can’t be here 24/7 for me. I can’t wait to be a bit more independant again; even if I can’t get out and about just being able to do little things in the flat will seem like a blessing.

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