August's weight

Health and fitness post #3 01/09/2016

Another month, another not so successful one! I knew this wouldn’t be great though as I had the Discworld Convention last weekend which is never conduicive to eating well. I’ll be posting a blog about that (and hopefully about past ones too) at some point. This month should be better; I have no events planned and Clubbercise might have sorted itself out so I can actually go.

Weight loss goals

It’s a bit of a weird result this month really. I’ve put weight on yet lost inches so that’s kind of good. Once again I know where it has gone wrong and it was with snacking on things I really shouldn’t (and lots of it) along with the previously mentioned Discworld Convention. Their menu was pretty rubbish at the hotel so I was forced to live on burgers, chips, pizza and hot dogs all weekend although there was a really delicious lemon chicken on the Saturday night. They were nice but not what I wanted to be eating. It also didn’t help that with the programme events we always end up stuffing our faces each time we eat just in case we have to skip a meal so we won’t go hungry.

August's weight

  • Goal Weight: 9 stone
  • Last Month’s Weight: 10 stone 10 pounds
  • Current Weight: 10 stone 12 pounds (+2 pounds)
  • Goal Body Fat Percentage: 25%
  • Last Month’s Body Fat Percentage: 34.1%
  • Current Body Fat Percentage: 34.5% (+.4%)
  • Goal Waist: <32 inches
  • Last Month’s Waist: 37.5 inches
  • Current Waist: 34 inches (-3.5 inches)

August's calories

Exercise goals

Exercise has been a bit hit and miss this month as well. Clubbercise hasn’t happened at all (first the instructor cancelled a couple of times after I’d walked all the way to the class then I was away with work then the instructor cancelled again – it’s now been around 7 weeks since I had a class!) and then yoga and pilates happened for the first couple of weeks until my gym membership ran out and I haven’t been doing it at home. I am however going to start that up this month, I’m determined to keep it up as I love them both so much and can really tell a difference when I miss a week. My walking has been fairly consistant other than last week when my friend was on the same shifts as me so I was getting lifts to and from work with her. I also had a week where my leg seized up so I wasn’t walking then either; it’s done it again after the weekend at the convention but I’m ignoring it and just walking through it this time.

August's steps

  • Daily Steps: 15000
  • Number of days steps were hit: 11/31
  • Calories Burned: 2237
  • Number of days calories burned was hit: 13/31
  • Distance Travelled: 5 miles
  • Number of days distance travelled was hit: 15/31
  • Active Minutes: 60
  • Number of days active minutes was hit: 16/31

August's distance

Considering my exercise has been way down this month I’m actually quite impressed overall. To only put on 2 pounds and to lose a few inches whilst being lazier than normal isn’t bad! Of course not putting any pounds on would have been preferred but we can’t have it all. My one predicted downfall this month is the fact that the Great British Bake Off is back on TV. That show is impossible to watch without snacking so we don’t even pretend we’re not going to anymore and usually buy in ice cream to eat whilst watching it.

August's active minutes

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