Refreshing summer nails

Lemon and Lime cocktail nails


Refreshing summer nails

I hate the heat. I’m pale skinned, grew up in Yorkshire and burn far too easily. Heat and me are not friends. So since we’ve been having a heatwave in the UK this week I haven’t exactly been loving it nor has my boyfriend. Feeling warm and sticky the whole time is not my idea of fun and let’s face it, I can only strip off so far even at home before there’s nothing more to be done but sit there and suffer!

Nails Inc "Seven Dials", Models Own "Toxic Apple" and A England "Morgan le Fay"

Nails Inc “Seven Dials”, Models Own “Toxic Apple” and A England “Morgan le Fay”

So I decided I’d have some cooling nails to look at instead. Using the gradient technique I used Nails Inc “Seven Dials”, Models Own “Toxic Apple” and A England “Morgan le Fay” to create my own cocktail. The glittery tips remind me of when cocktails have salt or sugar frosted around the glass rim and you can’t beat some refreshing lemon and lime on a hot day.


Bright and refreshing

Anyone else wishing for cool weather to come soon? How are you using your nails to cope?


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