Palm Tree nails

Summertime palm tree nails

Palm Tree nails

I hate looking back at old nail art, it always looks so terrible! I did this one last summer and never got round to posting it so figured we could go for a bit of a holiday vibe today. It was very simple to do so I’m sure you guys can recreate it far better than I did it to start with.

palm tree nail tools

I used the above tools to create this nail art. All Barry M nail polishes: “Spring Green”, “Mocha”, “Malibu” and “Stop the Clock”. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure where I used the striping tape as there seem to be no straight lines anywhere on this nail art!

Barry M Malibu and Stop the Clock

First I painted a base coat of “Malibu” and “Stop the Clock” for the sky and the beach. I have to say I absolutely love “Malibu”, it’s such a gorgeous colour. I think just these colours together look amazing. I then used the art brush to add the awful trunk and palm leaves, it really isn’t great… Oh well I made the effort!

Palm Tree nails

I think I’ll attempt to do this again this year but much, much better! Or maybe I should just stick to small trees on the individual nails. What do you guys think? If anyone recreates this please tag me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or wherever, I’d love to see your versions!

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