Obligatory Weight Loss and Fitness Post

Ok I know, sorry. Everyone does it, everyone wants to lose weight and posts about their random diets or exercise regimes or whatever they’re doing. I’m jumping on the bandwagon, what can I say? Except I’m sort of not. This isn’t going to so much be a “omg this new diet is amazing, you must try it now” or a “ugh I’m so fat and ugly I just give up” type of post. It’s more because I keep doing ok with losing weight and getting fit then I just have a few weeks of indulging myself and I’m back to where I started.


I’d also like to make it clear that I’m not losing weight to hit that magic number that will make me feel good but to get back to my old levels of fitness. I’ve been working on my fitness for quite some time now as I was very active growing up. I used to do 3 hours a week of aerobics, 1 hour of yoga and 1 hour of horse riding. I also used to walk everywhere which 5 days a week included walking to school (not very far, not even half a mile) and walking to work (probably a mile and a half) plus hiking in the Yorkshire Dales most Saturdays and Sundays; depending on our mood the walks would be anywhere between 3 – 9 miles a day and would of course include lots of hills. Since moving out from my parents/moving down to the West Midlands and getting an office job I became very sedentary. The past couple of years however I’ve been walking to work (nearly 3 miles each way) plus trying to go for a walk every lunch time (around 1.5 miles). I’ve also taken up yoga again, started pilates and clubbercise and just generally try not to sit around so much.

Food wise I don’t believe in diets. Carbs are bad for you, fat is bad for you, don’t eat any food beginning with the letter *insert your most hated letter here*, it’s all just rubbish to me. If you eat healthily and well then it doesn’t matter. I do believe in not stuffing my face with chocolate, ice cream and biscuits in between each meal (believe but not necessarily practise!) so this is really my reason to post here. Whilst I’m aware I don’t get a massive amount of views on this blog I do still get some and just knowing that if I post a weekly “I’ve done this well, I ate this much, oops” type of blog then I will feel slightly more accountable. I have a Fitbit and have everything on my account set to being viewable; particularly good as my mum is also on Fitbit so if I eat a tub of Ben & Jerry’s she can see and will scold me!

I may actually have just done this whilst typing this post...

I may actually have just done this whilst typing this post…

So here’s the plan. I’m going to make this at least a monthly update on the first of each month so the first proper post will be tomorrow. It may get updated more than that particularly if I feel I’ve achieved something in particular or if I’ve had a rocky patch and need to remotivate myself. I will include the main stats you can get from Fitbit such as weight, fat %, steps, active minutes, calories burnt and will also put in a little bit of a “What I’ve done well/where I’ve messed up” summary. I might include any nice sporting purchases I’ve made, like if I find some really comfortable yoga clothes or any new recipes I fall in love with.

Wish me luck and if you have any good youtube workout videos you can recommend please do drop me the links, it will all help!

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