Easter nails!

Easter eggs, chick and bunny

Easter nails!

Easter nails!

Happy Easter everyone! Well nearly anyway. I wanted something simple this Easter though the accent nails I guess aren’t overly simple. Simpler than they could be though!

Easter egg blobbicure

Easter egg inspired – a blobbicure using a white, medium brown and dark brown to represent white, milk and dark chocolate eggs

I’m looking forward to sitting down tomorrow and eating my bodyweight in chocolate. Or at least part of it. So having had these chocolate inspired nails on since Tuesday has been frustrating. Even my degus have been trying to nibble them.

Easter Chick and nails

On my left hand I added a very simplistic chick. One large yellow blob, a smaller yellow blob on top, little orange triangle for his beak and a black dot for his eye

Easter Chick close up

Close up of chicky!

Weirdly enough I managed to do a better accent nail on my right hand. Typical. I’m not left handed, this makes no sense!

Easter Bunny and nails

Easter bunny! He consists of a large grey blob with grey triangles, pink ovals(ish), two white dots done with a dotting tool, a pink triangle for his nose, two black dots and some clumsy lines for his whiskers

Easter Bunny close up

Close up of bunny!

So what do you guys think? Inspiring enough to make you go out and buy lots of Easter eggs or awful enough to just eat all the chocolate and forget about them? I’m just making excuses to eat chocolate now 😉

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