Messy spring flowers!

Spring Flowers

Messy spring flowers!

Messy spring flowers!

Well this manicure was actually done nearly a year ago so excuse the rubbish pictures (and lack of them too). I did this whilst I was dog and house sitting for someone so didn’t have a desk to do it on or my usual lighting to get decent pictures with. This was actually my first attempt with my birthday present, a nail art fountain pen. I only used it for the stems and didn’t realise that as the ink is water-based, it would rub off during the day. So the stems were actually much brighter and more defined than this to start with.

Spring Flowers Thumb

Close up of my thumbnail

Terrible picture, I’m so sorry! The background colour and the flowers themselves were all done using varying shades of Barry M’s Speedy Dry collection. I did the flowers using a dotting tool; group dots together for the petals then pop one in the middle for the pollen.

I will redo this manicure this year if only to get some better pictures for you guys! I’ll also do a proper review of the fountain pen and the inks at some point when I do it. What do you think of the design?

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