A England "Perceval"

Perceval visits Mayfair Market

Simple manicure done with no tools

Simple manicure done with no tools

I haven’t had any nail mail in a while so when I saw Nails Inc had released a new paint can I just had to snap it up. Of course as any nail fan knows as soon as you go on their website you will see all the colours you want. Luckily I went on at work so I didn’t know what colours would be dupes but I did know that I had nothing like Mayfair Market. So I had to snap up this gorgeous rose gold.

Perceval visits Mayfair Market bottles

Nails Inc “Mayfair Market” and A England “Perceval”

Just look at that beautiful colour! The almond oil is also a tangible smell and lasts even once the polish dries (for a short while at least) so that was an added bonus. Naturally as soon as this beauty turned up in the post I had to do a manicure with it and I have been wanting to use the gorgeous Perceval for ages. It’s such a classic colour with that slight metallic twist and I don’t use it anywhere near as much as I should.

Perceval visits Mayfair Market 2

A England “Perceval”

So I decided that we’d go with a classic red manicure and have some hints of metal with Mayfair Market. I wasn’t in the mood for doing anything too fancy and I think it pays off. I will have to try Mayfair Market with some stamping at some point though as I think it will look amazing (providing it is thick enough to stamp well).

Perceval visits Mayfair Market

Nails Inc “Mayfair Market” – one of their superfood polishes with sweet almond oil and matcha (whatever that is)

The actual detail was just done with a brush so you could easily use the one in the polish bottle. I started in the middle of the nail to get the slight blob and worked towards a corner to get the thinner line.

What do you guys think? A colour to fall in love with?

4 thoughts on “Perceval visits Mayfair Market

    • polishedpevil says:

      Yep, never listen to Self. There’s no such thing as too much of any polish! I have 4 very dark berry shades because one is matt finish, one is normal, one is speedy dry and one… well not even sure why but why not?!

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