A England "Queen of Scots"

Red, blue and silver blobbicure

My first attempt at a blobbicure

My first attempt at a blobbicure

Now I’m not getting the subscription boxes anymore there should be more time for actual nail art! I’ve got quite a few still to post from last year so let’s start with my first ever attempt at a blobbicure.

Blobbicure tools

So here are the tools I used for this one. A-England “Queen of Scots” and OPI’s “An Affair in Red Square” and “Unfrost my Heart” plus a dotting tool.

A England Queen of Scots

A England “Queen of Scots”

Blobbicures are incredibly easy to do though hard to get looking as lovely as some people manage! I don’t know how others get the ones that look just like turtle shells; I think they must bribe the nail goddess.

OPI An Affair in Red Square

OPI “An Affair in Red Square”

Paint your base colours onto your nails as usual then do a slightly thicker coat than normal. Whilst this is still wet simply drop blobs of your second colour onto the nail and watch it spread out.

OPI Unfrost My Heart

OPI Unfrost my Heart

For the index and little fingers I simply let the base colour dry then did a line of dots with my dotting tool. All done! Finish as usual with your favourite top coat.

2 thoughts on “Red, blue and silver blobbicure

    • polishedpevil says:

      Thank you! And Queen of Scots is beautiful, it did take a while to grow on me as it looked much darker on the nails than in the bottle but once you get used to putting it on (I find a thicker coat works better) it looks more blue and is beautiful 🙂


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