December's Nailbox contents

December Nailbox

December's Nailbox contents

December’s Nailbox contents

My final review (for a while at least) of subscription boxes. I’ve had 6 Nailboxes and 5 Meeboxes now and as much as I love them I have enough polishes that I’m mainly getting dupes so sadly I’ve cancelled them.

The tools this month were some Elegant Touch Professional Slanted Tweezers (I have tons of tweezers now!) which retail for about £12.50 so the box has nearly paid for itself just with these! I feel these would have gone better with the tool from the December Meebox of water decals though. The other tool we got was a Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen in White which retails for around £3.50. I haven’t used this yet but from an initial inspection it looks to work like the Barry M pens where you have to pump the nib a couple of times to get the polish flowing then simply draw your design.

Polish-wise we have some rather lovely shades.

Rimmel Marshmallow Heaven Bottle Swatch

Rimmel – “Marshmellow Heaven”

First up is Rimmel’s “Marshmellow Heaven”. This is a beautiful lilac that went on very well and only took 2 coats to achieve the above effect. Super shiny too. These retail for around £3.00. Unfortunately I already have polishes very similar to this so off it goes to eBay!

Morgan Taylor Best Ball Gown Ever Bottle Swatch 2

Morgan Taylor – “Best Ball Gown Ever”

I love this one and have no idea how I’m going to describe it to you. Morgan Taylor’s “Best Ball Gown Ever” is a kind of silvery purple bluey glittery… something. Yep. That’s the best you’re getting. It’s very sheer though and it took 3 coats to get the above which was still a little too see-through for my liking. This usually retails for around £10.00.

Nails Inc Bloomsbury Way Bottle Swatch 2

Nails Inc – “Bloomsbury Way”

Finally we have Nails Inc’s “Bloomsbury Way” which I absolutely love. It looks like confetti but also like snowfall (hence it’s in the winter box!) and just looks amazing on the nails. My index has 1 coat, middle has 2, ring 3 and little finger has 4 coats. These sell for £15.00.

So there you go, I will be doing some art with the nail pen at some point so I’ll do a little review of that when I do. Overall this months box had a value of around £44.00 so once again amazing value. Who else got one of these boxes? Feel free to share links to the manicures you’ve done below 🙂

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