Holly Christmas nails using the polishes from November's Nailbox

November Nailbox

November Nailbox Contents 2

The contents for this November’s Nailbox

Sorry, I’m so sorry! I’m sitting here with my Christmas tree twinkling, tinsel round the monitor and adorning my desk and feeling very guilty for a lack of blog updates. I had grand ideas of designs and inspiration, last minute gift ideas for nail lovers… well that all went out the window! So I’m finally getting round to posting my November Nailbox review. You might even get lucky enough to get the November Meebox review shortly too. In the meantime I think my New Year resolution needs to be sorting out my blogging schedule.

So on to the contents of the box. This month the actual tools weren’t anything I would shout about but that’s more because I already have them. I’m not going to use press on short oval nails because I have long natural ones but the pack included is great for people who might need/want such a thing. I was tempted to keep them to try out designs on but I think they’ll go up on eBay instead. These are worth £4.65 on their website. The ORLY file isn’t for me either since I refuse to use a normal file since discovering the beauty of a proper crystal file. These look to be around £2.00. The final “tool” was a candy cane. Yum! This lasted me around 10 minutes 😉

Press on nails. Not something I'll use but still a nice inclusion

Press on nails. Not something I’ll use but still a nice inclusion

OPI - Happy Anniversary

OPI – Happy Anniversary

On to the polishes. We have a lovely Christmas selection here starting with OPI’s “Happy Anniversary”. This is a beautiful topper that can be applied over any other polish but with enough coats can also be used on its own. OPI retails at around £15.00.

OPI - Happy Anniversary. Index finger = 1 coat, middle = 2 coats, ring = 3 coats, little finger = 4 coats

OPI – Happy Anniversary. Index finger = 1 coat, middle = 2 coats, ring = 3 coats, little finger = 4 coats

Rimmel Double Decker Red Bottle

Rimmel – Double Decker Red

Next up with have Rimmel “Double Decker Red”. A very classic shade that dries to a lovely shine. You can’t go wrong with a Rimmel shade; dries quickly and looks good. These retail for around £3.00. Perfect for Christmas.

Rimmel Double Decker Red Swatch

Look at the shine on this gorgeous red

True Brit London Park Lane Bottle

True Brit London – Park Lane

Finally we have True Brit London’s “Park Lane”. I love this colour so much. I love my greens anyway and this is perfect for Christmas. It’s a deep forest green but has some kind of twist to it; it reminds me of camo but darker. It applies beautifully and looks fantastic. True Brit retails for around £12.50.

True Brit London Park Lane Swatch 3

Not the greatest picture but this shows the colour better than the bottle shot

I had to do some Christmas nails with these polishes, particularly as the box also came with a little leaflet showing two designs and how to do them, a Christmas jumper design and the below holly one. I of course changed it a little to make it my own and added some gems onto the ring fingers for the holly berries.

Christmas Nails - Holly 5

Holly Christmas nails using the polishes from November’s Nailbox

Who else has received this festive beauty? Once again I feel it was very worth it, the overall value of the box being around £40.00. Feel free to post your Christmas designs below or on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages!

2 thoughts on “November Nailbox

    • polishedpevil says:

      Hi Jennie, thanks so much for your kind comment! I bet yours didn’t look that bad, I always think mine look awful then everyone else likes them 🙂 I haven’t done any designs with December’s box yet, planning to have a play around and get the review up this week, I love the colours that came with it. Have you had a go yet?


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