I can't get over how gorgeous Zoya - "Honor" is or the shine on the Nails Inc polish.

Paint Can and Zoya

Todays post is a mini-review with a little manicure thrown in. I will eventually get a video up for this review as well simply because it is needed to show just how good this product is (in my opinion at least).

A friend of mine pointed this out to me in a magazine. Spray on nail polish. What the…?

Nails Inc Spray on nail polish Paint Can - available in 2 colours at the moment, a hot pink or this lovely silver "Shoreditch Lane"

Nails Inc Spray on nail polish Paint Can – available in 2 colours at the moment, a hot pink or this lovely silver “Shoreditch Lane”

Naturally I had to try it but it was sold out on the Nails Inc website and virtually everywhere else I tried. I finally found it on Debenhams. This costs £10 and according to Nails Inc will last you 10 – 15 applications. Cheaper than their normal polishes at least.

Paint Can Mess

Making a mess! It’s definitely fun to use and quick too. I have noticed on every application that I get a discolouration on the parts of my nail that grow beyond my skin but it is fixed when I apply top coat.

So how do you use this weird new product? Simple. You apply a base coat as normal; this is what the polish actually sticks to so you can’t really skip this step. Nails Inc do of course recommend their own base coat but I used my A England “The Knight” and it worked perfectly. You then have to shake the can to ensure the colour is mixed well then simply point and spray. I did it in short bursts aimed at each nail and it covers in one go. It does take some practice; the first time I didn’t shake it enough so I got patchy bits.

It looks a real mess and by now you’re probably wondering how this is faster than a normal manicure. Look at all that clean up you’ll have to do. Never fear! Give it a minute or two to dry then simply wash your hands in warm soapy water and the majority will just slide right off your skin. I did find nearer the nails and cuticles I had to slightly scratch at it with my nails but it does come off very easily leaving a perfect manicure.

Paint Can Cleaned Up

Looking much better after some soap and water. And check out that amazing shine!

Look how beautiful that shine is. You can leave it as is or you can apply top coat. It will last 1 – 2 days without top coat however I used some and it lasted 4.5 days before it chipped. Very impressed. So overall yes it was faster than a normal manicure and this is also perfect if you’re in a rush to go on a night out but have a pre-done, chipped manicure as you can use normal nail polish as the base coat and simply spray over the top. If you just wanted it for the one night too you can definitely skip the top coat and just let it last that night.

I didn’t want to leave it at just that as I’d had a lovely delivery of Zoya – “Honor” thanks to another friend tagging me in a picture of it and making me want it. It’s such a beautiful matt green. So I added that to my pinky, index and thumb nails leaving it to be matt on the index and thumb and putting a shiny top coat over the little finger.

I also actually used the spray on polish with a vinyl to put a little palm tree on my index nail but forgot to get a picture of it. It worked perfectly however and spray on polish could be very useful for stencil work when doing nail art.

Paint Can Zoya

I can’t get over how gorgeous Zoya – “Honor” is or the shine on the Nails Inc polish.

So what do you all think? Is Spray On polish the way forward?

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