September Nailbox contents - a lovely selection

September Nailbox

September Nailbox - the theme was Spooky

September Nailbox – the theme was Spooky

Another lovely Nailbox this month, apologies with how late this is being posted. The 31 Day Challenge really took a toll on my blogging. Yet again this box did not disappoint so check out the wonderful contents below.

September Nailbox contents - a lovely selection

September Nailbox contents – a lovely selection

I just love the colours that were chosen for this month, absolutely gorgeous. There is also a base coat from Nail Apothecary and a lovely set of nail art brushes.

Nail Apothecary base coat

Nail Apothecary base coat

Probably my least favourite item in the box, simply because base coat is never very exciting. I will give it a try when my current one runs out (I can’t have two on the go at once, I just can’t!). I did like that it comes with a leaflet explaining the different combinations of their products to use based on how your nails are though, very helpful.

New nail art brushes

New nail art brushes

These I was very happy about, I’m constantly searching for the perfect brushes for nail art. So far the best ones I’ve found are some proper art brushes from Ryman’s but they tend to lose the glue on the bristles from dipping in acetone, not to the extent that they fall out but that they disappear back up inside the brush! So I can’t wait to try these ones (not got round to it yet).

The polishes, from True Brit, Nails Inc and Sinful

The polishes, from True Brit, Nails Inc and Sinful

Again I can only apologies for a lack of swatches due to the 31 day challenge. I will rectify this once my nails have grown back out to a good swatching length. The polishes included were:

Sinful Pro Shine “Show Off” – I’ve never heard of these so can’t wait to try this one out. This is one of my favourite things about the subscription boxes; a chance to get new brands I’ve never tried before. The colour in the bottle looks lovely.

True Brit “Taxi Cab” – a brand I’ve heard of but never tried. I did briefly get the chance to use this and the formula was lovely, the colour perfect and no staining. I didn’t get the chance to leave it on though so no clue how hard wearing it is.

Nails Inc “Queen Victoria Street” – this is such a me colour. I love the couple of Nails Inc polishes I’ve tried before so this is going to be right up my street. I’m actually surprised I haven’t used it yet. Might have to pair it up with something soon…

Overall I worked out the cost should have been around £36 – £40 (not sure what the brushes would cost so put them at around £4 to be conservative). Considering I paid about £14 for this that’s pretty darn good. Anyone else receive one? What have you created with this months box?

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