Meebox on top, Nailbox below

Nailbox vs Meebox – August 2015 Comparison

It's the battle of the subscription boxes!

It’s the battle of the subscription boxes!

As far as I know there are only 2 UK based, nail specific subscription boxes out there at the moment, Nailbox and Meebox. So I wanted to do a comparison between them. I’ll do a quick table first for those of you who want a brief overview to help you decide, then I’ll write a bit more below so you can choose. Or just subscribe to both. No such thing as too much nail polish, right?! One thing I would ask you to bear in mind is that Nailbox is on around 4 or 5 boxes released now, whereas Meebox only launched this month so it’s new and finding its feet.

Nailbox Meebox
Monthly Price £13.50 – £15.00 £18.00 – £20.00
Shipping Free – tracked, no number provided Free – tracked, tracking number provided
Packaging Plain, foam peanuts, little risk of damage Branded, paper shreds, little risk of damage
Contents 3 – 4 polishes, 1 – 2 tools/treatments 4 – 5 polishes/tools/treatments

So now on with the slightly more in-depth review.

Monthly Price

Without a doubt Nailbox wins on this one. Meebox only offers two subscription plans, 1 month for £20 or 3 months for £54 (£18 per month). Nailbox is 1 month for £15 and offers 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions (12 month works out at £13.50 per month).


Both boxes include the shipping in the monthly prices and both state they are tracked. However I have not received a tracking number yet with a Nailbox but Meebox used Hermes who sent me a tracking number before the box was even picked up from the dispatchers.

Packaging Comparisons

Meebox on top, Nailbox below


The packaging clearly factors into the higher prices of the Meebox. Nailbox states on their website that they use plain packaging in order to provide a more affordable option. The plain brown box does have nailbox written on it so it isn’t completely unbranded but otherwise is very simple. They do fill it with plenty of foam peanuts to ensure your polishes are not damaged during transit.

Meebox on the other hand looks very fancy. The box states Meebox and is striped black and white with little slogans written on it too. When you first open it you’re presented with some beautiful wrapping paper and a cute little branded sticker which is all wrapped around paper shreds to again keep your polishes undamaged. Both boxes definitely do their job.

Meebox on top, Nailbox below

Meebox on top, Nailbox below


Slightly awkward this month as both boxes contained China Glaze – Flip Flop Fantasy!

Nailbox contained 3 polishes, a top coat, some clippers and a small pack of sweets. It also has their branded theme card and a promo card for the Vinylux polish/top coat that were included. Buying these items individually would work out at around £31.00 in total. The polishes all go beautifully together and fit the theme, finishing summer in style, perfectly. Sweets are always a welcome addition!

Meebox contained 3 polishes, some cuticle oil, 30 stencils/vinyls and 3 swatch sticks. It too has a branded theme card. Again the polishes work beautifully with each other and fit the theme of California Dreamin’. To buy these items individually you’d be looking at around £25.00.

For me the Nailbox won on this months contents for actual monetary value but again bear in mind Meebox is just starting and hasn’t figured out what people like/want yet. The actual quality of the contents and range I think are pretty much equal.

Hopefully that will help anyone who only wants/can afford one of the boxes to make a decision. Personally I think they’re overall very similar in quality so it’s probably the price that would make me choose one way or the other. I’ve signed up for 6 months of Nailbox already and will definitely be signing up for some more Meeboxes as I want to see how they fare as they find their feet. What do you guys think? Please let me know below 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nailbox vs Meebox – August 2015 Comparison

  1. Rebecca says:

    Great review, thank you! Soo tempting to get both of these! i’ll be sticking to the Nailbox i think as it seems to be better value for money, but looking forward to seeing how the Meebox pans out.


    • polishedpevil says:

      Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment. I’m definitely thinking Nailbox at the moment but I’ll give a couple more Meeboxes a go and continue to review them so keep an eye out 🙂 Who knows what the next ones will bring?


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