Proud to be part of the 30+ Blog Collective

30 Plus Blog Collective

Proud to be part of the 30+ Blog CollectiveHi everyone!

I made it back from my holiday, not happy to have left lovely Yorkshire but I’ll get over it. That was definitely helped by picking up my very first nailbox from my friend who kindly collected it at work (and had a good nose through it with a couple of other friends ;)). I’ll be posting my unboxing/review of this tomorrow so keep an eye out but for now I just wanted to say I’m back and also draw your attention to the fact I’m now part of the 30+ blog collective. Well… have been for a couple of weeks actually but didn’t get round to posting the button. Oopsy?

It’s a fantastic little idea started up by London Beauty Queen to showcase blogs by people who are 30+ but you don’t have to be 30+ to register your blog. It’s a nice little way to meet some other bloggers and to get your own blog noticed. It was all started after she wrote a piece about fitting into the blog scene when you’re not a ” 23 year old with flawless skin, size ten Topshop jeans and ombre hair do”. The work that’s been put into it must have been quite something so many, many thanks to London Beauty Queen for this and as the button says, I’m proud to be a part of it. Head on over there to check out some more of the lovely blogs.

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