Inspiration for nail art

The view from my window that inspired this manicure

The view from my window that inspired one of my manicures

I’m usually sitting here thinking that I want to paint my nails but just don’t know what to do. Not at the moment. I’ve got so much inspiration it’s almost painful. I’ve got a ton of ideas written down or drawn out that I’d come up with anyway and I’ve recently started trying to figure Pinterest out; I’ve had the account open for months now but it just confuses me. However since I’ve given it a go it’s slowly making more sense but I’ve found so many fantastic nail pictures I could do 1 a day and probably be set for the next 2 months!

So of course I’ve set up a board for them all (well 2 actually, 1 for actual nails already done and 1 for inspiring images in general). I haven’t added much to the more general board yet but I thought I’d share my nail board with you all. At the moment it’s just ones I’ve pinned from other people but eventually I may add my own in there, in hopes you will all be inspired by me or that I’ll reinspire myself to improve on an old design.

My nail board can be found here ( and for anyone more savvy with Pinterest you can probably find my other boards from there too. So go have a nosy, if you have anything you think I’d like please feel free to link me to it somehow so I can pin it, or if anything in there inspires you I’d love to see your pictures; again either link me in the comments or put it on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (all usernames are polishedpevil).

3 thoughts on “Inspiration for nail art

    • polishedpevil says:

      Hi Rachel, add me on Pinterest if you have some pins of nail art, I’m always up for more nail art! And thanks for the comments, nice when people leave something so I know they’ve actually looked rather than just clicked on through 🙂 I’ll check your blog out tomorrow, way too tired right now x


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