Watery Gradient with crackle

Watery Gradient

Watery Gradient with crackle

Watery Gradient with crackle

Just a quick post today as I’m messing about with the blog layout and the shop a bit plus planning posts (I have so many reviews/tutorials/nail arts waiting it’s ridiculous). I’m also super excited as I have a new desk coming on Saturday for my PC, however it’s a larger one than I currently have and goes round the corner so it’s going to be my computer/nail polish desk so Saturday will be spent building it, setting it up, organising things, reorganising things, taking pictures, reorganising them again… you get the idea 😉 Plus I have a super cute new desktop bin for my nail polish waste thanks to a post by Sammy of The Nailasaurus.

I did this a while back based on a ring and a necklace I have that are a lovely blue gradient. I’m pleased with the gradient itself but on my ring finger I put an OPI crackle polish on hoping it would make it look like waves – unfortunately it didn’t really crackle very much. I think the polishes used on the gradient were Queen of Scots (A England), Teal the Cows Come Home (OPI) and Sky Blue (Barry M).

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