All the Purple

Left to right:

Left to right: “The Blessed Damozel“, “Avalon“, “Crown of Thistles“, “Princess Tears“, Thumb: “Lady of the Lake

Quick post today just to show some of the beautiful purples available from A England and also as a comparison between “The Blessed Damozel” and “Avalon”. These two purples look incredibly similar to me in the bottle but actually on the nails next to each other they are very, very different. “Damozel” is a far deeper, more aubergine-like colour whereas “Avalon” is a brighter shade. Then you just have to love the holos that A England do, look at those 3 beauties!

These are not all the purples that are available either, I’ve noticed that a large portion of my A Englands are purple, methinks Adina has an obsession!

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