Snowy Space

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A beautiful snowy scene for a twist on the classic French Manicure.

As stated elsewhere, I love winter and I love snow. I’m not usually one for negative space manicures but this one just lent itself perfectly to it, particularly as my nails were in such good condition at the time thanks to Bliss Kiss nail oil (review will be posted). All polishes used were Barry M and can be purchased from

As always, click the pictures for a larger view.


The main polish used, one of the textured range called “Lady”. This was perfect for this manicure as it’s such a pure white with just that hint of glitter that you tend to get on Christmas cards and reminded me of the sparkle you get on a frosty morning.


The greatest thing about this design is you can do a wavy, messy French manicure as it looks like snow drifts! The tree and the bush were done with thin brushes, I’m quite proud of my tree.


I stupidly went for the tougher designs on my right hand. The conifer wasn’t too difficult, this was using “Cardamom” one of the Barry M Autumn 2014 range and was just done with a thin brush and using small, slightly diagonal strokes to give the impression of the branches. It seemed a bit messy at the time but looking back I think it looks quite natural now.


Why oh why I thought it would be a good idea to try and paint a house on my right thumb I have no idea. The premise was good, a little house with a glowing fire within, the execution not so much. The grey is “Chai” and the brown is “Cocoa” both from the Barry M Autumn 2014 collection. The orange is “Mango” from Barry M’s nail paint range.

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