Icy Gradient – with mistakes!


An icy gradient with mistakes and proof that glitter hides all!

I love the winter, cold and snow and ice so this manicure was inspired by the weather cooling down. Unfortunately I kept messing up and denting it so I decided what the heck, let’s show that everyone messes up their nails (more often than most of us would like to admit). The Barry M polishes are “White”, “Mist”, and “Blueberry” and are available from http://www.barrym.com, the glitter is an old Boots limited edition and the sponge used was just a cheap make up sponge from Poundland.

As always, click the pictures for a larger view.



A few different shots of the glitter bottle just to show the holographic colours.



My gradient was looking so lovely and then I dented it! The second picture is after I attempted to hide the dent by dabbing some of the middle coloured blue over it.


I even slightly dented the little finger though you can’t really tell in this picture




Oh well, when in doubt, hide your mistakes with glitter.

WP_20141109_19_36_34_Pro__highres WP_20141109_19_36_20_Pro__highres

        Just a couple of shots of the finished manicure with the glittery bottle to show the range of colours.

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