Avalon Fashion Icon


Gorgeous shiny Avalon and glittery Fashion Icon.

I wasn’t going to bother with the Glitterati collection from Barry M. This manicure made me glad I did get it. The base colour is “Avalon” from A England then I added a top coat of “Fashion Icon” from Barry M’s Glitterati collection on all bar my ring finger. There are 6 in this collection (I will get swatches up eventually) and all are a coloured base with subtle but dense holographic glitter. Fashion Icon is a lovely blue-purple which I think really highlighted the royal purple of Avalon beautifully.

As always, click the pictures for a zoomed in view.


I love how the glitter is reflected in my ring finger here.

Avalon Close Up

This shot truly shows off the shine and depth of Avalon.

Blue shine

Colour Range 2

Colour Range

Glitter Colours

Glitter Comparison 2

Glitter Comparison

Just a few blurred shots as this is the only way I could get the colours of the glitter to show in photos. The first shot also really shows off the blue sheen that Fashion Icon has.

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