A England – Elizabeth & Mary Collection

Elizabeth & Mary Outside 3

Left to right: Gloriana, Fotheringay Castle, Queen of Scots, Crown of Thistles, Virgin Queen

Coverage: 1 coat for all

Drying time: Approx 1 minute

Finish: Shiny, no streaks, no patches

  Hardwearing: To be tested

The amazing Adina over at A England has done it yet again. This is the new collection “Elizabeth & Mary” released 17/10/2014. It’s based on the tragic story of the two Tudor queens and it is absolutely stunning. Pictures cannot do these polishes justice. If you’ve used A England before you’ll know how good the formula is and these are the same. One coat coverage, quick drying formula and perfect finish along with some fantasticly subtle shimmery finishes that are still obvious enough to really make your nails stand out. All of them (bar Queen of Scots) either have a holo effect or a lovely flakey/glittery effect so I’ve tried to get shots in multiple light situations to show this off. All polishes are available on shop.polishedpevil.com
Warning: picture heavy – click for larger photos

Gloriana Direct 1 Goriana Daylight Close Gloriana Outside 6

Left – Direct Spotlight, Centre – Close up in Daylight, Right – Indirect Spotlight

“Gloriana” is the first polish I tried out as it matched perfectly a dress for the wedding I was going to. And it definitely lives up to its name, this is an incredibly beautiful polish and is going to be pefect for Christmas. A bright, classic red but with golden flecks scattered throughout. They show up subtly yet beautifully just in a normal coat but I’ve used a matt topcoat on a couple of nails which make the flecks stand out a little more individually and it looks incredible. They’re still subtle but wow. This doesn’t stain your nails and removes very easily though the odd gold fleck got left behind. It looks like a glitter polish but doesn’t act like one.

Gloriana 1 coat - Direct Lamps Gloriana Matt in Sunlight

Left – 1 coat in direct spotlights, Right – 2 coats in natural light, pinky and index finger have a glossy topcoat, ring and middle have nail art featuring Holy Grail (new edition) and covered with a matt top coat

   Virgin Queen Direct 1 Virgin Queen Daylight Close Virgin Queen Outside 3

Left – Direct Spotlight, Centre – Close up in Daylight, Right – Indirect Spotlight

“Virgin Queen” is the one that confused me the most when first described to me, and also interested me the most. The description was “an antique white/silver/bronze holo”. White and bronze are completely different, how does that work? I took the bottle out of the package and looked at it. Very bronze, not even remotely white or silver. Lovely holo effect but… then I took the above shots. Seriously, how can something change colour so dramatically?! It truly shows white, silver and bronze in the above pictures. I’m making this one the second one I wear just to try and figure out how it does this.

Virgin Queen Direct Virgin Queen Outside

Left – 1 coat in a direct spotlight and a more silvery colour plus the rainbow holo is showing on the far left nail, Right – 1 coat in indirect spotlight and more of a bronze colour

Fotheringay Castle Direct 1 Fotheringay Castle Daylight Close Fotheringay Castle Outside 2

Left – Direct Spotlight, Centre – Close up in Daylight, Right – Indirect Spotlight

“Fotheringay Castle” is a mossy green holo with golden tones. Oddly enough so far looking at the bottle in real life it has only ever looked a very, very yellowy green to me but you can see in the pictures that it does indeed go more green in certain lights. The shimmery particles seem to be silvery on close inspection but overall give it a lovely golden shimmer and it definitely reminds me of moss. This is another one that intrigues me how it shifts in colour though not as dramatically as Virgin Queen. Another one I think is going to be perfect for Christmas if you want something a little different to the traditional red.

Fotheringay Castle Direct Fotheringay Castle Outside

Left – 1 coat in a direct spotlight, Right – 1 coat in an indirect spotlight

  Queen of Scots Direct 1 Queen of Scots Daylight Close Queen of Scots Outside 1

Left – Direct Spotlight, Centre – Close up in Daylight, Right – Indirect Spotlight

“Queen of Scots” is the most subtle of the colours, not going in for tons of holo or sparkles but it is still very special. Adina described it as “a deep, rich, royal blue with an unbelievable shine (similar to the red Perceval)”. It’s probably my least favourite of the collection simply because it’s the most normal of the colours but it is still a lovely shade. It also does still have some shine to it as you can see in the below pictures, it’s just a lot more subtle than the other polishes in this collection. But the best thing about this? It’s a dark blue but without using base coat this didn’t stain my nails. Not even slightly. One quick wipe of remover and all traces of it were gone.

Queen of Scots Direct Queen of Scots Outside

Left – 1 coat in a direct spotlight (look at the 2nd nail from the left to see the subtle sheen this one has), Right – 1 coat in an indirect spotlight

 Crown of Thistles Direct 1 Crown of Thistles Daylight Close Crown of Thistles Outside 1

Left – Direct Spotlight, Centre – Close up in Daylight, Right – Indirect Spotlight

“Crown of Thistles” is described by Adina as a holo that matches the national flower of Scotland. It definitely matches the thistle, just about the perfect colour and the holo effect goes perfectly with it. This is going to be a fantastic party colour; in fact at the wedding I was at someone was wearing a dress just about this colour and every time I saw her I thought how well it would match! This one also covered in 1 coat like all the others but perhaps would be better with 2, it did look like it could potentially be a little patchy if you went too thin with your coat (though I go pretty thin and it was still ok).

Crown of Thistles Direct Crown of Thistles Outside

Left – 1 coat in a direct spotlight, Right – 1 coat in an indirect spotlight

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