Barry M – Aquarium Collection review

Aquarium Collection 3

Left to right: Caspian, Treasure Chest, Mediterranean, Arabian, Mermaid, Pacific, Persian, Atlantis

Coverage: Glitters – to taste, 2 for Persian, Arabian and Pacific, 3 for Mediterranean and Caspian

Drying time: Quick, 1 – 2 minutes

Finish: On the whole excellent, can leave streaks and brush marks due to the duochrome formula so try not to go over bits you’ve just painted

  Hardwearing: To be tested

The Aquarium collection launched early in 2014 before I was blogging with 6 colours originally. In September 2014 they released 2 new ones, Persian and Atlantis so I thought why not review them all? The collection consists of 5 gorgeous duochrome polishes and 3 glitter toppers all inspired by the oceans. It was pretty hard to get some of the duochrome effects to show up on the nails but most of the bottle shots show them pretty well. All Barry M polishes are available on
Warning: picture heavy – click for larger photos

Caspian BottleCaspian Bottle 1

“Caspian” is one of the original 6 and shifts between a rose pink and a bronzed gold. I just could not get this to show on my nails at all in the pictures but I think the bottle on its own shows this pretty well. This was very easy to apply with no streaks or brush marks but it was thinner than some of the others and required 3 coats.

Caspian 2

Meditterranean Bottle Mediterranean Bottle 1

“Mediterranean” is another of the original collection and is probably the one with the least colour shift. It’s mostly a subtle gold, less yellow than most but it does get a pink-purple tint to it at times. Like Caspian, this one required 3 coats to become properly opaque.

Mediterranean 1

 Arabian Bottle Arabian Bottle 2

“Arabian” is another of the originals and probably my favourite. Such a beautiful bright fresh green with a blue duotone (just visible in the first bottle shot around the edges). There’s also a hint of gold in this and it’s just so sparkly. I absolutely love this one. Only 2 coats as well!

Arabian 2

 Pacific Bottle Pacific Bottle 1

“Pacific” is another original and in the bottle can actually look quite a lot like Arabian. I got told off when I bought the whole collection because “look how similar these two are!” As you can see from the pictures though they’re actually very different. Pacific is a washed out blue similar to the duotone in Arabian but in the right light gets a deeper, purple-blue shift. This also only took 2 coats though 3 may be preferable.

Pacific 1

Persian Bottle Persian Bottle 2

“Persian” is one of the new September releases and is absolutely gorgeous. It came out really well in the photos. A deep, royal purple that shifts gloriously to a bronzed gold. The formula was excellent and it dried perfectly with only 2 coats needed.

Persian 1

Treasure Chest Bottle Treasure Chest Bottle 1

“Treasure Chest” is a mix of different sized flakes of gold and rose-gold glitters. In the pictures this is being worn over Pearl from the Silk Collection and I think it looks absolutely amazing. I’ve also worn this over deep blues which looked fantastic. It’s not a bad coverage just used straight from the bottle but you may want to use more of a dabbing technique or fish out the odd bit to perfect placement. I do find it sticks up a bit so top coat is required.

 Treasure Chest

Mermaid BottleMermaid Bottle 1

“Mermaid” is a mix of different sized flakes of gold, turquoise and deep blue glitters. It looks like a glittering ocean all by itself! It does behave like Treasure Chest so you may find one coat works for you or you might need to fish out some of the flakes yourself and place them to tget the desired effect. It can be a bit chunky so top coat is required.


Atlantis BottleAtlantis Bottle 1

“Atlantis” is the newest glitter and doesn’t really fit the ocean theme to my mind. The colours are not very ocean-like and I’m not really a fan of such a mix, but I do have to admit I’ve seen some swatches that look amazing. It’s filled with different shaped (dots, hexagons, bars, diamonds) glitters of many different colours (red, blue, purple, silver). It does apply quite easily though it’s a bit chunky so a top coat will definitely be required.


Finally just a couple of shots of the different glitters all together, to show off the colours and some of the shapes. Unfortunately you can’t really make out the rose-gold pieces in Treasure Chest.

Glitters 3

Glitters 2

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