Barry M – Silk Collection review

Silk Collection

Left to right: Blossom, Poppy, Meadow, Forest, Mist, Heather, Orchid, Truffle, Pearl

Coverage: 2 for all

Drying time: Quick, 1 – 2 minutes

Finish: Perfect! No streaks or see through areas, best without a top coat but can be glossed up with one

  Hardwearing: Poppy and Forest – 5 days (full days of typing at work) with only minimal wear showing at the end of day 4 on 2 tips

The silk collection originally launched with 6 shades in February 2014, before I was blogging. I bought them all and immediately fell in love so when I saw the 3 new ones released this September I couldn’t resist, particularly as they are such beautiful colours. I figured if I was going to review the new 3 I might as well do the whole collection so read on for pictures of all 9 in the collection. All the polishes dry to a beautiful soft, silky sheen that also feels slightly silky to the touch. The 3 newer polishes are slightly more sparkly than the originals. All Barry M polishes are available on Warning: picture heavy!

Blossom Bottle 1Blossom Bottle

“Blossom” is one of the original 6 and is a classic soft girly pink. It dries with a soft, slightly shimmery sheen.

Blossom 2

Poppy Bottle 2Poppy Bottle

“Poppy” is one of the September colours, a vibrant ruby red with a hint of pink sparkle to it caught under the right light. Pleasantly it didn’t stain my nails as most red-based polishes do and also didn’t smudge when being removed.

Poppy 2

 Meadow Bottle 1Meadow Bottle

“Meadow” is a fresh mint green and was one of the original releases. With such a subtle tint it really gives you a fresh feel for your nails and reminds me of springtime more than any of the others.Meadow 2

 Forest Bottle 2Forest Bottle

“Forest” is one of the new 3 colours and like the others has a slightly more sparkly finish to it. It’s quite a bit darker than I’d expected but has a lovely emerald shine to it in the right light. Unlike many dark polishes there was no staining when I used this.

Forest 2

Mist Bottle 1Mist Bottle

“Mist” is one of the original 6 and again makes me think of Spring with the lovely fresh pastel blue.

Mist 1

Heather Bottle 1Heather Bottle

“Heather” is a delicate pale purple that borders on the side of pink. Another of the originals, this again fits in with a springtime theme, perfect for floral nail art. The lighting on my nails below just didn’t seem to quite pick up the lilac hue too well but the bottle is quite accurate.

Heather 2

Orchid Bottle 1Orchid Bottle

“Orchid” is the last of the new 3 and is currently vying with “Poppy” to be my favourite. A rich, glimmery purple that looks like amethysts.

Orchid 2

Truffle Bottle 1Truffle Bottle

“Truffle” is a lovely nude from the original 6 that will suit virtually any skin colour. It adds just the slightest hint of colour without drawing too much attention to your nails for when you want to be subtle.

Truffle 2

 Pearl Bottle 2Pearl Bottle

“Pearl” is a fantastic polish and probably the most versatile. I recently used it with some of the Aquarium glitters (review coming soon) and it looked fantastic. I’ve also used it as a base for watermarbles. It’s more than just white, the slight shimmer to it just adds that little something special.

Pearl 2

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