Heavy Metal

Metallic 1

I felt like some shiny metal was needed.

I finally managed to find a good copper colour so had to do something metallic to use it. I’ve been searching for ages so stumbling across Maybelline’s “Brick Shimmer” this weekend was a very happy moment! For this I was just going to do the water marble accent nails but then couldn’t resist using my OPI shatter polishes which I’ve had for a while but never actually used. So here are the polishes I used along with my nicely stained watermarbling bowl. The Barry M’s can be purchased from http://www.barrym.com, in the UK you can get OPI from http://www.nailpolishdirect.co.uk and Maybelline is available in Boots and Superdrug.       Tools

First was 3 coats of Maybelline “Brick Shimmer. I love this colour and it applied very smoothly. Unfortunately it has now chipped after only 3 days but I still love it.

Brick Shimmer


I then added OPI Shatter polish in both silver and gold on alternating fingers before doing a water marble with Barry M Foil Effects in Gold and Silver. The water marble took a few attempts and wasn’t working done as a “true” marble so I actually left it in the bowl until it dried then applied it as a decal. I also used 2 coats of Bourjois top coat to smooth everything over and make it extra shiny.

Metallic 2

OPI Silver Shatter

Silver Foil Effect

OPI Gold Shatter

Gold Foil Effect

Brick Shimmer Bottle

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