Barry M – Autumn Collection 2014 review

Left to right: Chilli, Paprika, Mustard, Cardamom, Chai, Cocoa

Coverage: 1 for Cardamom, 2 for the rest

Drying time: Average, a couple of minutes

Finish: Perfect! No streaks or see through areas

  Hardwearing: Cardamom and Chai – 4 days, some housework, some sewing and 2 days at work (typing). Mustard – 5 days, mostly typing, small amount of housework. Other 3 still to be tested.

When it comes to mainstream polishes I’m a huge fan of Barry M, particularly the Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint range. When I saw that the new Autumn collection was due out (as of time of posting only available in Superdrug) I knew I’d get them all. I’ll probably redo the swatches at some point when my nails have grown out again and I can get some better lighting. All Barry M polishes are available on

Barry M - Chilli

“Chilli” is actually the one in the collection I wasn’t very interested in. It seemed too commonplace, like every other red out there. But it was 3 for 2 so I got the entire collection and I’m glad I did. Once on this is a beautiful deep red that definitely lives up to the Hi-Shine tag. Word of warning though, on removal it was very messy. It didn’t stain my nails (I had used base coat) but it did spread all over my skin although acetone quickly removed it.

Barry M - Paprika

“Paprika” is a burnt orange, almost toffee-like colour that definitely reminds me of crunchy autumn leaves. Again this lives up to the Hi-Shine tag and went on very smoothly. It was also very easy to remove (all colours were actually aside from the previously mentioned staining with Chilli).

Barry M - Mustard

“Mustard” is a dulled down yellow and despite not usually being much of a fan of yellow nail polish, this one was actually what made me want this collection. Slightly more streaky than the others but still dried to a perfect finish after 2 coats and again definitely Hi-Shine. The slight brown undertone to it makes it suit more skin tones than most yellows would in my opinion.

Barry M - Cardamom

“Cardamom” is probably my second favourite. I love greens anyway and this is the perfect one for if you wanted to do a camoflage manicure. It was also the only one in the collection that I found I was able to get a perfect finish on with just 1 coat. Again it has a fantastic Hi-Shine finish and applied smoothly with a quick drying time.

Barry M - Chai

“Chai” was the second one that drew me into the collection although others have overtaken it after seeing them on the nails. It’s hard to find a good grey nail polish for doing nail art with; they all end up too silvery usually so this is a perfect colour for me. Plus it looks fantastic even on its own.

Barry M - Cocoa

“Cocoa” is the final one in this range and it lives up to its name. A beautiful, rich chocolate colour with a lovely glossy shine that makes me want to go raid the fridge! I think this one will look fantastic matt and will also compliment a lot of brighter colours in some nail art. I may have to use this to recreate a brown and gold art that I did ages ago with a chromatic brown polish.

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