A England – Saint George review


Just for the sake of showing the complexity of the glitter here are a couple of shots of the polish in the bottle. Left is without flash, right is with flash.


Coverage: 1 coat

Drying time: Average, a couple of minutes

Finish: Perfect! No streaks or see through areas

Hardwearing: 5 days, started chipping after doing housework including defrosting the freezer. Before this it suffered 2 days of constant typing and 2 days of pc gaming.

This had to be the first A England polish I reviewed because it’s this colour that made me fall in love with them enough to give them a try. I saw some beautiful nail art with it and fell head over heels. Available on shop.polishedpevil.com


“Saint George” is from the collection “The Legend” and is a beautiful deep teal with rich green micro glitter. In these pictures I have only used one coat and it has perfect coverage. It also dried in a couple of minutes so this is the perfect polish for when you’re in a rush.

WP_20140726_14_54_02_Pro“Saint George” with a matt top coat

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